The Crypto Show

The Crypto Show

The Crypto Show is a twice weekly FM radio show focusing on Crypto currency, Blockchain technology, Disruptive technology, Economics and World events. The show airs on 89.1 FM TXLR in Austin, TX every Wednesday and Sunday night, reaching an estimated 20,000 local listeners. We are also heard by thousands more online via Logos Radio Network, LTB Network, LRN.FM, BitcoinTalkRadio, LMR, TastyPodcasts, SoundCloud, and the TuneIn app.

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About Chuck William

For 20 years, former UI/UX Tech Lead at Dash Core Group, Chuck Williams has advocated for human empathy as a skill to enhance developer effectiveness. While leading software design & development teams throughout this millennia, he has been a recognized inventor on 3 patent efforts with FedEx, Level3 Communications, & He was a speaker/facilitator at the E2 Innovate 2012, Dash Conference 2017, Anarchapulco 2018, Libertopia 2018, Global Blockchain Summit 2018, PeerVP Summit 2018, & Blockchain World Conference 2018. He enjoys researching, understanding, and evangelizing the convergence of technology, economics, & philosophy in cryptocurrency & blockchains at local meet-ups & international conferences.


He currently co-hosts the "Digital Cash Evolution" broadcast syndicated on multi-city Bloomberg AM radio, contributes media content to the Dash community, advises the DashNexus Masternode funded project, and consults, develops, and assists multiple other blockchain/cryptocurrency projects. Previous software contributions include banking & investment, publishing, television, logistics, legal, sports, retail, and government industry applications. 


Chuck investigates projects for experience goals, evaluates user experiences, designs, architects, and codes systems to solve human problems & ease human pains with technology. His current focus is serving the all humans with a freedom-focused message of empathy, utility, and value for all people on this little blue dot.


Former clients include: 


American Greetings

Chase Bank

Dash Core Group

Discovery Channel





Level 3 Communications

Mind Over Data

National Geographic

NYK Logistics



Prisma International

Phillip Morris



The Learning Channel


Qwest Communications

Tatra Banka



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    12:00PM - 12:00AM
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    3:00PM - 4:00PM

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