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South Florida Garden Show

The South Florida Garden Show, now in it's 31st year on the radio, is a show for the professional and the homeowner to get solutions to their problems and increase their knowledge of all aspects of gardening in our unique area. Host Mark Benson is a horticulturist who utilizes the art, science and technology of plant cultivation. He discusses the tropical fruits, vegetables, herbs, trees, and plants that make South Florida a tropical paradise. In addition, landscape, garden design, construction, and maintenance are discussed with callers every week. So don't wait, tune in now! Call us: 305-541-2350 844-727-9922

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About Mark Benson

We’re planting new things, making everything better and bringing new beginnings to the garden.  We’re doing that in our grove, in the butterfly garden and all over our properties.  We’ve installed some new very nice hibiscus, planted some new crepe myrtles and transplanted some beautiful bougainvilleas from our nursery area out into the landscape.  Just remember, new plantings need water every day the first two weeks, every other day next two weeks, then once a week.

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