Beatle Brunch

Beatle Brunch

As the host of the nationally syndicated Beatle Brunch radio show, Beatles expert Joe Johnson presents an hour of music, interviews, news and related songs and stories from The Beatles, those who love them and The Beatles as a group and solo. Joe J is one of the foremost experts on The Fab Four . He’s been featured on NBC’s The Today Show and CNN, regularly appears on WPBT-2 and is The Music Host of the annual Flower Power Cruise, host at Abbey Road on the River, plus has given multi-media presentations on The Beatles on The QE II and other Beatles’ ruises and festivals over the past 25 years. Joe has interviewed Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, George & Giles Martin , Olivia Harrison, Pete Best and many others associated with The Beatles history and pop music as well as pop artists influenced by The Beatles like The Monkees, Felix Cavaliere and many others. Joe is excited about The Brunch coming home to Miami where the show was born, now airing on 880 The Biz WZAB, back on AM radio, where The Beatles were born! Beatle Brunch began in May of 1992, so Joe’s been presenting The Fabulous Foursome on the radio for a quarter-century. Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour of The Fab Four every Sunday: Beatle Brunch, on 880 The Biz WZAB.

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About Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson was born near Kennedy Airport in New York, a half dozen years before The Beatles landed in America for the first time. He and his family moved to South Florida to witness the magic of the Fab Four on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, and remember the 8 days (a week) they spent in Miami.

The Brunch with Joe Johnson is a captivating hour of music and interviews with The Beatles as 'The Greatest Little Rock Band in the World' with the contemporary music of Paul and Ringo. The program also features new musicians, artists and authors who were influenced and inspired by The Fab Four. You'll hear interviews from the early days of Beatlemania including rare audio clips from Manager, Brian Epstein, The 5th Beatle, George Martin, George Harrison, John Lennon and other prominent personalities, plus the most up to date information about The Beatles music today. The Show takes a trip inside the studio to hear a song under construction, or a journey to a faraway stage ... a flashback to a famous Beatles concert, or a Television appearance ... to recent musical performances and quips by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Listen to The Brunch with Joe Johnson every weekend on your favorite station or if the show's not available in your area call the Program Director of your local Classic Hits Radio station and ask for The Brunch.

The idea for Beatle Brunch originated in the spring of 1992. It was on a long drive to visit family and Joe brought along a stack of Beatles CD's. He listened to each album with the volume cranked through the 6-speaker sound system. The songs sounded fresh, new and exciting 22 years after The Beatles split. Joe wondered why local radio stations weren't featuring The Beatles in a regular radio program, so he decided to do something about it. As Production Director, deejay and producer at Miami’s Classic Hits station, MAJIC 102.7, Joe proposed the idea of a one-hour show about The Beatles to his Program Director and it was approved. Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch debuted May 31st 1992 on 5 radio stations: Miami, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Rochester, NY; Baltimore, MD; and Laconia, NH. For the first 8 years, Joe built the station affiliates one-at-a-time, adding great cities like Boston, Pittsburgh and Denver. Now, The Brunch with Joe Johnson is distributed nationally throughout the US, Canada and the US Virgin Islands by The Compass Media Radio Network. With a personal touch of grace and charm Joe adds delight to his Beatle Brunch Family by mixing and mingling with all those who enthusiastically come together whenever he emcees Name That Beatles Tune and Beatles Trivia contests at Beatles Festivals, cruises and sponsored Beatles events all over the world.

Joe is a voiceover artist and has recorded hundreds of Radio and TV commercials. Read more at

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