Pete De La Torre

Pete De La Torre

Forum Biz Talk is a powerful insight look at the economic development & growth of entrepreneurship in Doral and South Florida. Forum Biz Talk is created and hosted by South Florida’s Business Development Partner, Entrepreneur and Award-Winning radio show host, Pete De La Torre, Managing Partner of The Business Forum Group at Doral.


Join us each Monday at 6pm for Million-Dollar insights & strategies from industry leaders and executives that will ‘MULTIPLY YOUR BUSINESS”.

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Sitting in the studio at 880 AM The Biz radio station with headsets on and microphone at the ready, Pete De La Torre announces his Renatus Group Business Hour program. “Welcome to today’s show folks.  We have some wonderful guests and lots of good news to share about what is happening in South Florida’s business community.” Renatus Group  President/CEO De La Torre has reinvented himself as the dynamic leader of a business networking firm and as a professional coach helping industries get back on their feet.
“For over 30 years I have worked in South Florida and Latin America for various businesses and all of that diverse experience has helped me become who I am today. I recently did a “720” degree turn and reinvented myself. I am now in a position where I can take all those years of critical professional experience and use them to help other up and coming businesses meet quotas and goals in today’s ever-changing market.”
Prior to launching his new business, De La Torre served for seven years as Executive Director for the Doral Business Council (DBC). As the first staff person hired it was De La Torre’s mission to develop the membership base by presenting the DBC to the business community. By providing ample professional opportunity to members, the nascent group grew to over 500 professionals representing 70 different industries under De La Torre’s watch.
“From my years at the DBC, to the time I spent traveling the Americas in the flower importing business and then volunteering with various boards and managing teams and committees, I have developed hundreds of contacts with business leaders in the community. I am parlaying those connections and experience along with my extensive research library of resources to help businesses reinvent themselves.”
De La Torre contends that he has never seen such a challenging economic environment. “So many people are out in the cold and displaced. The concept of reinventing myself was behind developing Renatus Group. Renatus is Latin for ‘born again’ and the driving force behind this work is to help businesses reinvent themselves as is necessary in this market.”

Through a combination of consulting services, business development training to include future classes in partnership with Miami Dade College, and business facilitation training or matchmaking, De La Torre believes he has all the tools to warm up introductions and be a professional center of influence to hundreds of
business professionals.

“We need to be like a speed boat in today’s economy; move very fast and be able to change courses rapidly. Adaptability and flexibility are the order of the day. Having the courage to act ‘out of the box’ and implement new ideas is the way to maneuver and be successful now.”

“Ultimately I hope to make an impact on the economic development in South Florida and work not only with businesses but also with non-profit organizations. We want to take this vision and voice internationally, I am not doing this alone, I surround myself with winners. The radio show is just another effective way to reach out and be the voice for business in South Florida.”


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