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Despite being one of the youngest syndicated hosts in the country, Deace’s program has few peers when it comes to influence. For example, Fox News notes that Mike Huckabee would not have won the 2008 Iowa Caucuses without Deace’s support. That influence is why Deace’s program has been featured by other noteworthy media outlets like Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, The New Republic, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, Los Angeles Times, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Business Insider, Barron’s, Sky News, and The Times of London.

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Deace has been influential in the first-in-the-nation Iowa Caucuses and has already been featured in a slew of national media such as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

He launched the nationally-syndicated “Steve Deace Show” in 2011 and quickly worked his way into five of the top 10 markets in the country—New York City, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Atlanta (as well as 8 other top 50 markets).

Just last month Deace moved to USA Radio and transitioned his show into the coveted afternoon drive slot from 3-6 p.m. Eastern.

Also a prolific writer, Deace has been a contributor for USA Today, Politico, Business Insider, Breitbart, WND, Townhall, and The Washington Times. He’s also been a guest pundit on all three major cable news networks.

His youth combined with his writing and broadcast ability makes him uniquely positioned for today’s multimedia environment.

Deace lives in Iowa with his wife, Amy, and three young children Ana, Zoe, and Noah. He feels that living in the heartland provides him with a grassroots conservative perspective often lacking in a beltway media culture that treats Middle America like flyover country.


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